What is E - Gloo protect?

E-Gloo Protect has been created by the Mt Blanc regional ski committee, with insurance agents Gritchen Affinity and Mondial Assistance.

Available from participating lift companies, Ecoles de Ski Francais and Nordic ski centres in the Mt Blanc area, E - Gloo gives you a level of cover that lets you ski with complete peace of mind.

PLEASE NOTE: Mountain assistance and rescue is not free!

It is those who are injured who pay.

Here is an idea of costs:

E-gloo Protect will pay the costs associated with your mountain treatment and rescue, your medical expenses and repatriation.

In the case of holiday cancellation as a result of accident, illness or unexpected return home, E - Gloo Protect will reimburse your Lift Pass, Nordic Pass or ESF lessons booked and payed for in advance.

In the case of interruption of your holiday in the case of accident illness or unexpected return home, E - Gloo Protect will reimburse you for the unused days of your Lift Pass Nordic Pass or your ESF lessons.


season 2017/2018
All ski individual first aid daily cover
All ski individual first aid holiday cover 6 to 21 days
21,00  €
Nordic skiing individual first aid daily cover


The guarantees in your contract apply in metropolitan France and bordering countries providing it is possible to access those countries using ski lifts in metropolitan France.

Search, First aid and Evacuation

(Guaranteed under all options)

Whether the insured is on or off piste Mondial Assistance will cover the cost of search and/or the costs of rescue services involved.  This guarantee is only valid if the insured is within the ski area limits.

Costs of medical transport

(Guaranteed under all options)

Within the limits of the sport insured, Mondial Assistance will cover the costs - within the limit of the cover stated in the policy - of costs of transport to a medical centre which is the nearest and the best suited to the injuries received and the return to the holiday residence of the insured.

Holiday cancellation

(Only available within weekly /multi day option)

For lift passes or ESF courses booked and paid for on-line 48 before they are due to be used, the insurer guarantees reimbursement due and / or lift passes in case of sickness or death of the insured or of a near one.


(Guarantee only available with weekly family / muti day cover)

Organisation and payment of the costs of the insured to their home or a local hospital.  The transport / repatriation will be under medical surveillance if necessary by the most appropriate means decided upon and chosen by the insurer.

Emergency medical costs

(Guarantee only available within weekly / multi day family cover)

When your own cover will not pay we are there.

The insured having to pay Medical or hospital charges within metropolitan France are guaranteed:

The insurers will reimburse medical or hospital charges in the locality or the nearest treatment centre that remain for the insured to pay, within the limit of payment guaranteed in the policy


(Guarantee available for all options)

Lift passes and Nordic access cards:
The insurer will reimburse lift passes or Nordic access cards if the accident happens before 14.00hrs or in the first half of the duration of the transport ticket, with proof of the intervention of the ski area rescue staff.

Ski Lessons:
The insurer will reimburse within the limits stated in the policy, pro rata, days or ski lessons insured and unused starting from the day after an event foreseen in:  Article 1 of the policy - Object of the guarantee :  (unforeseen accident, illness or early return).

Shown as follows:
There will be deductions from total amounts paid in respect of: administration costs, tips, insurance premium etc.  As well as in the case where refunds can be obtained directly from the sellers of lift passes, ski lessons etc.


Besides the exclusions specifically mentioned in each section of the policy there is no insurance for the following events and circumstances :

Procedure:  What to do in case of an accident?

Mondial Assistance-Service Relations Clientèles
Tour Gallieni II - 36 avenue du Général de Gaulle93175 Bagnolet cedex

                                            or by email : svc.reglementassistance@modial-assistance.fr

                Include with this communication:
  • The receipt for the activity you were undertaking at the time and proof of purchase of e-gloo protect.
  • Bank details
  • The claim number that has been given to you by Mondial Assistance,
OR :
  • Paperwork regarding your rescue given to you by those involved.
  • After processing the initial claim, any other details asked for by Mondial Assistance.
  • The initial medical report stating if there are any problems skiing.
For all information following your claim call Mondial Assistance on + 33 142 990 846
This is a non contractual document. In case of dispute only French law and the French legal system will apply, the only legally binding copy of the insurance contract is the French one.