childrens test and skiing levels

All information regarding test levels and skiing levels for children.

Alpine skiing :


  • Not able to ski.


  • Move around on skis in different ways over varied but almost flat terrain.
  • Can ski with skis parallel straight downhill and stop using a snowplough turn.


  • Series of 7 to 8 snowplough turns with the skis brought back to the parallel position in between, over a suitable marked out course.
  • Elementary direct line across the slope following a roughly straight trajectory.
  • Test of balance when skiing while facing down the slope (with little jumps, from one foot to the other or over little bumps, etc.) on a gentle slope.

1ére Etoile

  • On a moderately steep slope, series of elementary sideslip turns over a suitable marked out course. 
  • Direct traversing line following a curved trajectory. 
  • Step turns on a gentle slope (starting off at an angle).

2éme Etoile

  • Series of around ten perfect elementary turns over a suitable marked out course on a moderately steep slope. 
  • Basic direct line passing over hollows and bumps. 
  • Basic skating step.

3éme Etoile

  • Series of around ten basic turns imposed by 10 to 12 poles on a moderately steep slope. 
  • Basic single garland on a moderately steep slope. 
  • Perfect direct line to build up speed, finished with a braking sideslip, all on a moderately steep slope.

Etoile de Bronze

  • Non-timed line assessed by the pupil's ability to complete perfect basic turns, with two changes of rhythm on a varied slope (alternating medium, short and medium-radius turns through 15 to 20 gates). 
  • Godille of base. 
  • Passage over bumps with slight take-off on prepared piste or terrain (skiercross-type run).

Etoile d'or

  • Short giant slalom, timed (maximum 50% more time allowed compared to opener). 
  • Technical series of perfect broad and high-speed turns over varied terrain (slope, snow, etc.).

Goomie Rider

  • Use the ski lifts. 
  • The 'falling leaf' sideslipping on both sides. 
  • A straight run with a flat board and sinking down and standing up movements.

Rookie Rider

  • Rounded sideslips from the fall line on both sides in switch. 
  • Slide on a box in 50/50. 
  • 'Falling leaf' on frontside and backside on a medium slope.


  • A series of 4 to 6 basic turns without stopping around a small slalom (cones spaced around 20m apart). 
  • A small jump whilst sliding, board flat on a gentle slope. 
  • Flat and Switch - a sliding '180' in a traverse (front or back).