mini group lessons "Exclusiv'"

Ski lessons in a small group, 6 children maximum. to improve your ski and have more fun.

  • Level required : Ourson . Children who skied before, not beginner. For children from 6 years old until 13 years old.
  • Morning mini group Exclusiv' : lessons start at 9.00 o'clock sharp at Le Bettex.

mini group lessons 'EXCLUSIV' TIMETABLE

6 days lessons
     Morning      Afternoon
From Flocon until Etoile d'Or - 6 students max.
9.00 am - 11.30 am

From Flocon until  Etoile d'Or - 6 students max
  2.00 pm - 4.30 pm


group lessons start on Sunday. badge included. Morning or afternoon.
Morning Mini group "Exclusiv'" (from Flocon class until Etoile d'Or class)
249,00 €
Afternoon Mini group "Exclusiv'" (from Flocon class  until Etoile d'Or class)
229,00 €
  • Skipass to take directly on or on ESF+
  • Skipass required to join the group lessons.