Advice to parents

To ensure everything goes smoothly during your stay with us

We ask that you read, understand and follow the information below

  • Don’t lie about your child’s age when signing them up for lessons
  • Give instructors all the information they may need concerning your child. Make sure they always have their lesson pass on them as well as their lift pass and some sort of contact/identification card in the event we need to contact you or identify them
  • Make sure they have sunscreen, a warm winter jacket, gloves, glasses and tissues
  • Let instructors decide is your child is in the right lesson or not if they need to change 
  • Try your hardest not to interrupt lessons or call out their name
  • Respect the times that lessons start and end 
  • Wearing a helmet is recommended as well as wrist guards for snowboarders
  • Make sure you have some sort of insurance that covers you in the event of an accident